COVID Statement

The following measures outline our measures to minimise the spread of COVID-19 at our cycle event.  Please note this may change depending upon current government guidance and risk minimisation measures.

Please take the time to read this PRIOR to the event and do not hesitate to ask any questions beforehand:

Before you arrive at Hose Village Hall on Sun 8th May

  • All riders are requested to NOT attend Velo Belvoir if they display/ have displayed any recent COVID symptoms/ are within the prevalent government isolation guidelines. In this case riders will be offered a no quibble full refund.  The same is true for all non riders involved in the event. Please email if you cannot attend.
  • Please read the rider information email which will be emailed to you and available on the website.

Throughout the day

We all need to take care of each other.

  • REGULAR WASHING/SANITISING – Hand sanitisers will be available on the entrance to all village halls for all riders and event helpers to use.
  • FACE COVERING – The use of face coverings is recommended (covering mouth and nose) in enclosed areas.
    • A face covering is recommended for entry to village halls enroute and in the event you/your bike needs mechanical/medical assistance or you need a lift in a support vehicle.
    • All event helpers will wear a face covering or a face shield inside village halls.
    • Medical and mechanical personnel will also wear face coverings in village halls and when attending any riders.
  • SPACE – give space to each other inside as well as outside. There is plenty of space around the village hall. The start area is to have no more than 24 riders.

Each village hall has clear one way systems for registration / toilets and refreshments.

Hose Village Hall

  • Car Parking – There is a huge amount of space for car parking on the back field. There is a separate car entry point to cyclists.
  • No one will have been in the hall apart from event staff within 48 hours. We will hand sanitise before entering.
  • Breakfast items will be available for sale outside from 08:00.  Contactless payment only.
  • All main access doors will be left open, to aid ventilation and avoid unnecessary contact points.
  • Toilets – there will be a separate 1 way system for the toilets. In the foyer area there will be one way markers. 1 in, 1 out.  Please use the hand sanitiser provided. Main doors and toilet doors are to be kept open to aid ventilation throughout.


  • Registration and start times will be staggered over approx. 3 hours, with 3 waves per distance. Riders will be emailed the information about staggered registration and start times based on their distance and approx. finish times.  This has been devised to avoid too many people at the start; in each village hall enroute and at the finish.  Riders to arrive with who they want to ride with in groups of no more than 6.
  • There will be a separate entrance to the hall for registration – please follow the signs.  There will be one way system for registration inside the hall and a strict limit on the number of people inside the hall at any one time (1 in, 1 out).
  • Self- registration will take part in the main hall.  Riders can bring their own pens and we will have a supply of sanitised pens. Once used they are to be dropped in the used box.  The hall will be exited via the north door. Exiting the hall everyone will be directed anticlockwise, so as not to double back, walking past the queue to get in.
  • Registration queue will be from the car park / field outside the hall and should be socially distanced.  Riders not to stand close to other riders unless they are from the same household/group.

The Start

  • This will be staggered over 3 hours. Within each wave, riders will be set off in groups of 6 approx. 2 minutes apart.  A safety briefing will be given to each group at the start.  No more than 24 riders are allowed in the vicinity of the start line at any one time.

Riding the Sportive

  • No more than 6 riders to ride together in a group.
  • No more than 2 riders abreast.
  • Overtaking to be done safely giving plenty of distance as riders pass.
  • Give other riders warning of approaching traffic or areas of bad road conditions

Little Bytham Village Hall

  • Start times have been staggered to best plan and spread out arrivals at the village hall.
  • All touch points to be cleaned with antibacterial wipes prior to the event.
  • Sanitise your hands on entry.
  • Riders and event team only are allowed inside. Sorry, no members of family this time.
  • Wear a face covering / shield.
  • Toilets – there is a ONE WAY system in operation.
  • Refreshments ONE WAY system marked by tape on the floor. This will indicate direction of travel and the number of people allowed to queue. 1 arrow for each person – no more.
  • PLEASE NO TOUCHING of food or drinks.  Event helpers will serve all cakes using designated cake servers onto paper plates. Hot and cold drinks will also be served to minimise multiple contact on surfaces.
  • Water bottles can be refilled at the village hall.
  • There will be limited tables in the hall. Please no more people sitting down than there are chairs. Please keep your mask on unless you are seated.
  • All remaining riders to eat and drink outside, socially distanced in groups of no more than 6.
  • Doors to be secured open to aid ventilation.


  • Start times have been staggered to also stagger finish times. Riders may have to queue to be checked back in and be handed their finishers medal, and meal voucher from designated event volunteers.
  • Toilets will be available – same one way and restricted numbers as before.
  • There should be no need to go into Hose village hall. The doors will be closed.

Wet Weather

  • If it does rain, we can’t allow any more than a maximum in the village halls at any one time, unless you are eating and drinking at one of the few socially distanced tables available. Please only stay as long as you need to drink/ eat, so that others can benefit.  It’s for everyone’s benefit.